Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Underspin Chop:

The under-spin shot is a good control shot that puts underspin on the ball to make it harder for the opponent to return. When players chop, they should chop “towards” the bottom. Never directly underneath it as it will tend to pop up. Depending on the spin, the ball can be hit just under the equator or lower down if there is more underspin. Use your forearm and wrist and make sure they are relaxed so you can produce more spin. If the ball is coming short, be sure to step in under the table with one foot and then chop the ball.
There are two basic types of chops, quick, and slow. 
Quick Chop
-This chop produces less underspin than a slow chop.
-The ball is chopped while the ball is bouncing up. This will give your opponent less time to react as it is “quicker” because you are returning it with littler delay time. If the ball is already coming short, it is easy to put a short drop.  

 Slow Chop
-This type of chop puts more underspin on the ball than a quick chop.
-The ball is chopped while the ball is falling down.  

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